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Customers depend on highly engineered solutions from Armstrong for their most difficult applications.

With a strong and knowledgeable sales force, resourceful engineering personnel, and a responsive customer service department, we have earned a worldwide reputation for unmatched reliability. Our products are specifically designed and manufactured for economical control of systems for hospitals, universities, industrial facilities and applications, including: food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemicals and petrochemicals, boiler feed water, fuel systems controls and packaged OEMs such as heat exchangers, water purification, metal cleaning and deplating.


Extensive product support and documentation for every product.

Our legacy brand Aeroflow, DBOY, DLO and K-Max control valves and Leslie Constantemp steam water heaters are supported by extensive technical data to ensure a proper selection. Our factory-trained representatives are ready to help and can visit your site if needed.


Armstrong is pleased to offer the dependable, hardworking, Aeroflow, DBOY, DLO and K-Max control valves and Leslie Constantemp steam water heaters.

Armstrong’s acquisition of these legacy brands into the industrial portfolio strengthens our ability to provide every customer with the outstanding performance, longevity and value they require.


About Armstrong International.

Armstrong is a global leader in thermal utility system management with more than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth experience. All over the world, Armstrong’s innovative, superior quality products are hard at work, saving time, money and energy for thousands of satisfied companies in a wide range of industries.


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