Leslie DOT Three Way Valve

DOT Three-Way Control Valves

DOT Control Valves replace and perform the functions of two single-ported control valves acting in opposite directions, in converging or diverging liquid flow service. They can be used to control the circulation of water, oil, brine, calcium chloride, or other liquids in heating or cooling applications involving heat exchanger by-pass control.


  • EPDM O-rings
  • Cage Guided Trim
  • One Piece Body
  • Spring Loaded Teflon Chevron Stem Packing


Cast Iron, Bronze, WCB, CF8M


.5" - 12"


Single-Ported Valve Body, Double-Ported Valve Body, Single-Seated


Flanged, Threaded


125 - 600#


Levelmatic Liquid Level Pilot Controllers


Levelmatic pilot controllers use a simple, stable, floatless differential pressure sensing principle. They require only two simple connections to the vessel (open or closed). Standard units come in two sensing ranges: 0 to 36 inches and 0 to 200 inches(H20). Normal operating pressure is 10-22 psi. Static pressure on the sensing diaphragm can be anywhere within the range of 30″ Hg vacuum to 300 psig. Options include fixed or proportional band.


  • 3 – 15 Psig Output
  • Fixed or Proportional Band
  • Bi-Metallic or Liquid Filled Temperature Element
  • Single-Loop Pneumatic Controller

Differential Pressure Pilot UDDVP/UDRVP


UDDV, UDDVP, UDRVP pilot controllers consist of a differential super structure mounted on a standard force balance or adjustable band pilot body. Suitable for differential pressure control, vacuum control, pressure control with remote set point adjustments.


Two separate sensing diaphrams preventing contamination of either fluid in case of diaphram failure.

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