Magnum Series Piston Actuator

Aeroflow Severe Service Control Valves

Aeroflow Severe Service Control Valves concept integrates proven state-of-the-art design in aerodynamic/hydrodynamic flow, field-proven materials, digital positioning, and “smart” valve technology, with a modular design concept. The overall benefit of Aeroflow’s technological advances is simply the most accurate, reliable control valve product line available in the world today.


  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Exceeds Class XI Shutoff
  • Custom Characterized Trim Options
  • Oversized Outlet Connection
  • Parts Interchangeability


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome-moly Steel


1" - 16"


Tri-Sheer Protected Seat Design, Quick Change Trim Design, Hung Cage Design, Pilot Balanced (PB), Bal. Low-Temp (BL), Bal. High-Temp (BH), Unbalanced (UBC), T²


BWE/SWE, Flanged (RF, RTJ), Threaded (Thd), Stub


150 - 4500#

Magnum Series Piston Actuator

Magnum Series

Magnum Series piston actuators use low volume and long stroke to maximize bleed and feed rates. Externally mounted spring return modules minimize residual volume and maximize speed of response. This low volume translates into high speed of response. The DPS positioner, derived from our patented PMC electro-pneumatic controller technology, provides ultra-fast, stable response using a pulse modulated output and a non-mechanical, optical/digital stem position feedback. The DPS positioner supplies a digitally controlled pneumatic output (up to 12 SCFM – 60psi supply) and uses a non-contact, direct connected optical reader. With no mechanical feedback linkages to loosen or wear, accuracy and repeatability do not degrade over time.


  • Higher working thrust capability Severe Service Actuation
  • Line- long stroke to 7 inch or greater-Reverse option with double acting Spring return-manual override
  • Aeroflow control valve with a 6″ Magnum actuator, stroke speed can exceed 3″ per second.




Aluminum, Cast Iron


Max air pressure 150


Levelmatic Liquid Level Pilot Controllers


Levelmatic pilot controllers use a simple, stable, floatless differential pressure sensing principle. They require only two simple connections to the vessel (open or closed). Standard units come in two sensing ranges: 0 to 36 inches and 0 to 200 inches(H20). Normal operating pressure is 10-22 psi. Static pressure on the sensing diaphragm can be anywhere within the range of 30″ Hg vacuum to 300 psig. Options include fixed or proportional band.


  • 3 – 15 Psig Output
  • Fixed or Proportional Band
  • Bi-Metallic or Liquid Filled Temperature Element
  • Single-Loop Pneumatic Controller

Differential Pressure Pilot UDDVP/UDRVP


UDDV, UDDVP, UDRVP pilot controllers consist of a differential super structure mounted on a standard force balance or adjustable band pilot body. Suitable for differential pressure control, vacuum control, pressure control with remote set point adjustments.


Two separate sensing diaphrams preventing contamination of either fluid in case of diaphram failure.

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